How Peepalsys Works Peepalsys are human scientists – in short, we are not your everyday recruitment firm. We follow a process that is to: partner our client companies, and understand them completely.

On an ongoing basis, we locate exceptional candidates and mentor them in the possibilities we have with us. We identify their aspirations, needs and try to find a best-fit for them within our databank, or with any of our client partners.

Interested in finding out more? Read about what some of our partner CEOs had to say about us.

Why choose Peepalsys?

Not just recruitment

Our value added services are why we get our glowing recommendations.

Partnering Startups

We have a huge list of Startups that we work with.

Advised by CEOs

We help build their dream, by helping build their teams.

Mentoring Candidates

We work passively with candidates, never chasing them or trying to headhunt.