Feedback Received

A well organized and nicely carried out event. One of the select few which focused on work culture in the valley which is in a way responsible for spawning great companies. Would have liked to hear more about how the work culture would be maintained, enhanced or customized as per the indian needs.


It was a nice and interesting event organize by Peepalsys.


It would be good if the companies had focused on the technology side of their companies in more detail instead of just talking about ‘culture’.

K K 

I have already experienced the work culture at Startup at the start of my Career. Its always great to work with them. It’s nice to know that there are few more startups working on Cutting-Edge technologies.

Overall event was good.


The discussion was good and gave me insite of the startup world in india.
However I was disappointed by the panel discussion as none of the companies talked about their vision for their respective companies which is very vital in deciding whether to leave a stable job and take a plunge in these startup companies.
Unicommerce talked about growing from a strength of 4 to 8 in 2 yrs and Helpshift replying to Jishn’s question of taking 3 months to recruit by saying “We don’t care” doesn’t inspire me at all.
However there were a few positives of WhatsOnIndia & ScaleArc’s and about the work they do.
The arrangement py nexus and peepalsys was excellent. The ambiance was excellent and some of the questions asked in public were very smart and the panel shared their opinion about them.


This being the first session went pretty well and most of the points as expected from the crowd were covered. However, I felt that sometimes the answers from couple of panel members were repetitive for different questions like “we are different” bet the actual reality did not come out.

The culture of the company was described, but that happens in most of the startup’s in India, instead it should have been more on technical aspects of what the company does to motivate people and get the work done from them.

Since this event was the first of it’s kind, it was good and expecting to have similar events in the feature.


Peepalsys event was unique of it’s kind – helping startups connect with folks and for people to know what interesting startups are around. This was quite a good experience for me. I believe this will help everyone concerned with the ecosystem.

I look forward to attending events like this in the future.


I was surprised at the event. No one on the panel talked about the points that I thought was the topic of the day, “Creating a Valley like culture for Startups”. The topics discussed were limited to the hiring practices of the companies on the panel.
It looked as if they wanted to hire people from the audience, but really did not have the capacity to take the kind of in flow that may happen if even 15 % of the people there would have shown any kind of interest.
I was hoping for a better event given the kind of people you had invited.