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Title VP of Engineering
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Here’s what we think we need:
1. Someone who can help us raise our level of engineering discipline to the next level by making it more predictable, more productive and more bullet-proof. Its all relative – so while we are good, there is room to be better.

Our ambition is always to be the best. To be world class. So we need someone who can help us get to that level.

2. Someone who loves and enjoys and is passionate about this role.

3. Someone with the credibility and experience so that the rest of the team will listen and follow. We don’t need a person who will learn this on the job.

We need someone who has tried and failed and succeeded in equal measure, so they know what works and what wont.

4. And of course we need them to be:

  • Passionate about the company
  • Be someone we can enjoy working with
  • Able to make it work financially

Please contact me on ancyj@peepalsys.com to hear more on this.


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