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Baishampayan Ghose

Co-founder at Helpshift, Inc.

Ancy has excellent understanding of the startup ecosystem and has very good aptitude for finding and recruiting key players for startups. She pays close attention to a company’s culture and its needs and is generally very effective in finding the right fit. On top of that she works closely with the potential recruit and assists them in understanding & evaluating the opportunity well.

She and her team are very responsive to their client’s requests and are very quick to follow up with leads. I have been very happy working with Ancy so far and I’d happily recommend her to any technology company that needs help with recruiting.

Gaurav Gupta

Director of Engineering at ScaleArc

It is my pleasure to recommend Ancy Verghese for her new endeavor at PeepalSys. I have known Ancy for about an year now. Ancy was helping my previous startup in hiring technical talent. She understands startups very well. I was still working with my last startup when Ancy and I connected again. She gave me enough details about Nexus and the portfolio companies to pique my interest without pushing for any specific position.She understands startups very well.

I was not even considering a career move and we had numerous conversations about the timing and the pros and cons. During this entire time Ancy was extremely patient and resourceful, she understood my priorities and when we narrowed down to ScaleArc, she was aggressive enough to get all the parties together.

Ancy comes forward as a smart and well-informed person. I think she is going to do extremely well in recruiting senior technical talent and executive positions in India and US. I wish her all the best and look forward to work with her more.

J Mohamed Zahoor

PeepalSys placed him at Indix

I was well settled in my previous organisation. I was responsible for the Research Unit and I was satisfied with my work there and to put it
short, I had no reason to move, and never thought of moving to a (more) challenging position.

Then after you contacted me, I started talking to you just to get to know the opportunity. But your approach to the entire situation, got me thinking. Your call was never like a typical head hunter and you gave me the right information at the right time. During my decision process, the way you represented me to Indix was something very impressive. Your ability to connect me to the senior management of Indix and helping us understand each other made a big difference.

Even after I accepted the offer, your non intrusive followup and helping me stick to my decision (even after a hefty counter offer) was very appreciable.

Overall it was a nice and pleasant experience interacting with you. I just want to say a big Thank you ūüôā

Arun Buduri

PeepalSys placed him at Indix

I really appreciate all your help during the offer process with Indix. The discussions with you helped me
immensely in arriving at a decision quickly.

Were you actually thinking of a career move when PeepalSys contacted you?
Not really. I was on a passive lookout for an exciting opportunity in when I came across Indix. The team behind the startup had very strong credentials that got me excited to write directly to Sanjay to know more about what Indix does.

Did the information and our accessibility to the management team actually play a role in your decision?
Absolutely. Due to various circumstances in the past, this move would end up being my first job change¬†mentally (inspite of working for multiple companies in the past) for a big career move. Ancy’s reach¬†to the top management at Indix helped provide a neutral view into the opportunity and what’s in store¬†at Indix as a career path. With her 3rd person’s view, Ancy helped weigh in all the options should I¬†consider making the move. This would be my first startup experience as my entire background involved¬†working for well-established multi-billion dollar global enterprises. Ancy’s guidance helped immensely¬†weighing the pros/cons of working for a technology startup (always associated with an inherent risk). The¬†decision was made after several phone discussions with Ancy discussing my thought process openly/¬†transparently.

The difference in experience during the new hiring process – right from first phone interview to the offer stage…
Being my first startup offer, Ancy’s viewpoints provided a great vantage point on several areas I should consider when joining a startup as compared to a well established company. Ancy provided full background about the leadership team at Indix and the background over the past several months of how the company had been shaping up. Right from the first phone call to several face-to-face discussions, Ancy guided me very well through the various discussion points I had in my mind. Ancy helped quite a bit laying out on the table the various final offer options I should keep in mind.

Was PeepalSys helpful during the entire transition period…
Spot on! Ancy led me through the typical startup offer process and the various stock options typically provided. Ancy’s guidance played a major role in striking the right balance between the right salary vs. stock options as well as the role definition. Starting from assessing my perceived market value to arriving at a right sweet spot on the offer, Ancy followed up diligently to ensure I was completely happy with what I was being offered. She offered several examples (including her own) of how a startup experience will help shape my career tremendously as compared to working for a huge organization.

She inspired confidence in her approach to ensure this career move is the best for my own long term success.

How PeepalSys helped during the process of leaving your earlier organisation
Leaving a well settled position for a startup opportunity is typically tough considering the amount of risk it comes with. Ancy helped set the right expectations on getting relieved from my current organization and transitioning into Indix. Being in a crticial Senior Leadership position at my current company, putting down papers is no doubt a tough process that requires special care to ensure both parties are served best. Ancy followed up frequently to ensure my relieving process was going on smoothly and offered
help at all times.

On the PeepalSys relationship, moving forward
Though my interactions with Ancy has been only for a short while, I believe she is a great asset to any organization. I attribute her success (current and future) to her honest intentions in doing the best for the candidates as well as the best for any hiring organization. She has always been there to discuss any concerns and am sure she will continue to do so.

Rajkumar Kannan

PeepalSys placed him at Datagres

I did not know Ancy before she contacted me through Linkedin. At the time when she made the contact I was a little passive in responding since I was not really looking out for change out of my then employers. Given that I have a great deal of satisfaction with my previous role and not much to complain in terms of pay, opportunities or recognition – I was not really looking for a change. Ancy was quite persuasive in chatting with me and got me thinking on the direction of just evaluating an interesting startup. She pretty much held my hand through the entire process and was there to basically understand all my concerns and worked through each of it.¬†I believe that the role that Ancy plays is way beyond that of a specialist recruiter working for VC – she is essentially the specialist HR person and the bridge to the VC firm’s board – ensuring that their investment is going into building the right kind of organization.

Some how I felt I was not only talking to a specialist recruiter but also to the VC firm which has utmost interest in the hiring process since the business is all about people. I think the startup scene in India is at its infancy and its very important that VC’s invest in a framework that will help not only fund startups but also hold their hand through the entire lifecycle so that they can be successful. I think its important for building a startup ecosystem in India and roles like that of Ancy are vital for successfully building such an ecosystem. Even today after I have signed up with Datagres, I know that Ancy is available and that I have some way to communicate with the board and express my concerns. Unlike the Silicon valley where a mature ecosystem exists, the scene in Bangalore is much more at an infancy – if companies need to hire the right senior talent it is important that they are on-boarded into the startups and supported even after they have joined the startups. I believe that the role that Ancy plays is way beyond that of a specialist recruiter working for VC – she is essentially the specialist HR person and the bridge to the VC firm’s board – ensuring that their investment is going into building the right kind of organization.