Happy First Birthday, Peepalsys

A few years ago when I decided to move back to India, it was fear of the unknown plus the excitement of coming back home.

While in Bay Area, I enjoyed working with early stage startups. I loved the challenge of working with the founders, identifying stellar passive profiles, and motivating them to consider opportunities with us. The excitement to build a team from scratch became my passion.

Now that I was in India, all I heard was that the Indian market was not yet mature in terms of recruitment ethics. People told me that I could not trust hires to join until they actually did.  I heard that it was a common practice for hires to take offers and then negotiate with their current employers. It was common to find that the phone numbers candidates gave were either switched off or worse,did not exist at all.

From my past experience in the recruiting world, once a candidate gave you his or her verbal acceptance, you could consider the candidate as a new hire. The focus immediately shifted to other processes such as getting the relieving letter or visa transfer or serving the notice period. I was used to this level of moral ethics. Of course, they attended interviews at many places and generated multiple offers for themselves. Plus, they extensively evaluated each offer and did heavy research as part of their homework. But once they gave their word, they stood by it.

Working in India was different – and I learnt that quickly. A young man came to interview with us for an early stage startup. The founding members had strong and impressive credentials – there was no doubting the value they could bring to anyone’s career. The candidate in question cleared all our technical rounds – telephonic and face-to-face. We offered a highly competitive package. In turn, he negotiated with us further on multiple aspects such as base salary, relocation package, sign-on bonus, and even stay for 3 weeks in a fully furnished service apartment.

He joined us a couple of weeks later than the date he promised initially. But yes he did come in and he did join.Everything seemed just fine.

It was a Friday afternoon and I got a call.“Ancy, I need to confess something. I am in a situation. I haven’t yet put in my papers with my previous employer. I wasn’t sure if this was the place I really wanted to work for. But now, one week into it, I can see everything you told me about them is true. They are really the smartest people I can imagine working for. I feel so guilty. Please advice.”

We decided to give him one more chance. Atleast he had the courage to admit his fear and then he genuinely sounded sorry. So he promised to put in his papers and complete the formalities in a weeks’ time and get back to ground working with us. It’s a year now and we are still waiting. The last we heard he joined another promising startup.

This was my first experience after I set up my venture in India. That day, I vowed to be instrumental in changing this picture for India. Today, we have 25 hires on board. We pride ourselves in the fact that our hires respect our effort and value our time as much as we respect theirs.

Our message is simple. When you are ready to make a career move or if you need career counseling with reference to the timing to make a career move – call us.We can help you with your homework, provide you with all the data points, and connect you to the right people. We understand a career move is not only about taking up a new job or competitive pay package alone – it involves your future career path, your family, and most important it is a long term relation between you and us.

In parallel, we expect you to understand that a recruiter is not just a phone call.

There’s someone investing their time and effort on you to help build a team which inturn can build success stories like the Google and Facebooks of the world.

We need your core ethics and values to build the foundation pillars for a great organization. We look forward to your continued support to fulfill our vision.

Peepalsys – MD.